Our History

From Past To Present

A Timeless Seaside Resort

For more than a century, Seaview has reigned as the Jersey Shore’s most iconic resort. Set on 670 acres near Cape May, our grand hotel has welcomed countless luminaries and hosted innumerable events, ranging from Grace Kelly, who celebrated her Sweet 16 in 1945 to Mike Jagger, who took up residence during the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels Tour in 1989. On your next visit, we invite you to explore the Seaview Celebrity Wall just off the main lobby.

Discover Seaview

  • Historic photo of men in front of buses for the Seaview Country Club

    Welcome to Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

    For over a century, this special hotel has been celebrated as the Jersey Shore’s most iconic with a rich history of welcoming presidents, rock stars, golf’s greatest champions and the otherwise rich and famous. Names like Snead and Ross, Jagger and Jordan, Hope and Crosby, Kelly and O’Connor. With new ownership and a sincere commitment to preserving the Hotel’s past while also investing substantially in its future, Seaview is reemerging as the Jersey Shore’s finest destination hotel. To fully appreciate this remarkable place, we suggest you take some time to wander our 670 wooded acres and discover the many facets, features and faces of Seaview Hotel.

  • The Hotel

    Seaview opened its doors in 1914 as a private golf club. Its owner, Clarence Geist, after a lengthy wait to get on the first tee at a local golf club, decided to build his own. Now, over a hundred years later and through numerous embellishments, Seaview is back and prepared to take its place as one of America’s preeminent hotel and golf clubs.

    Driving through the property’s main gates, guests catch their first full glimpse of Seaview, an elegant, grand hotel framed in flowers and greenery. Across the road, a neatly trimmed hedge row, behind which lies one of the Hotel’s storied golf courses, The Bay. As you enter the main lobby, take a moment to enjoy the detail and craftsmanship of the original hotel architecture. Realize, too, that you have now joined both the famous and infamous who, upon arrival, have stood in this same space and marveled at the grandeur of this classic hotel.

  • Renovated Dining Room

    The Main Dining Room

    In the day, Seaview’s Main Dining Room was the place to be - and be seen. Joan Rivers was a frequent guest at the dining room’s sumptuous Sunday Brunch which remains one of “New Jersey’s Best”. During dinner, impromptu performances would break out by the likes of Tim Conway and Harvey Corman. It’s also rumored Keith Richard’s and Eric Clapton shared breakfast here during the Stone’s Steel Wheels tour. With panoramic views of the famed Bay Golf Course, the back-bay marshes and Atlantic City, and an impressive 700 pound chandelier, we highly recommend you, too, share a meal in the magical Main Dining Room.

    Location: South Main Lobby

  • The Oval Room

    Named for its rounded architecture, the Oval Room currently serves the Hotel as a unique banquet and meeting space. But it also once served as a birthday ballroom for a princess. In 1945, Grace Kelly danced with her father in celebration of her sweet 16 th . Of course, this remarkable young lady would soon become a Hollywood star and then Princess Grace of Monaco but, for that night, her kingdom was Seaview Hotel and the Oval Room.

    Location: North Main Lobby adjacent to the Lobby Bar.

  • Renovated Coastal Grille Dining Room

    The Coastal Grill

    Standing on the original site of a farmhouse turned clubhouse, The Grill’s hand crafted terra cotta floor tiles and brick work from 1914 remain undisturbed. Over the years, some of Atlantic City’s most colorful characters frequented The Grill where it’s been rumored Al Capone tested the proof of moonshine on the restaurant’s original bar top. Black singe marks still remain on the brick. When you visit here to enjoy our creatively classic menu of “farm & ocean to table” cuisine, take a moment to toast a bygone era that to this day lives on at the Seaview Grill.

    Location: Next to Guest Registration Lobby

  • Renovated Front Desk and Lobby

    Seaview Celebrity Wall

    For over a century, Seaview Hotel has been a favored haven of the rich and famous. From Hollywood luminaries to sports stars to heads of state, Seaview has provided them all a secluded sanctuary to relax alongside others pursuing the very same pleasures. Just off the main lobby as you walk to your guest room, pause to view a gallery of celebrities who, like you, have chosen Seaview as their home on the Jersey Shore.

    Location: North of Registration Lobby

  • Seaview Indoor Pool

    Built as part of the original clubhouse, Seaview’s indoor pool was filled with saltwater piped in directly from the bay making it a unique feature among country clubs at the time. Then, in 1962, the pool was shortened and converted to fresh water.

    Location: South of Coastal Grill

  • couple walking on golf course

    The Turtle Course

    Great golf is the hallmark of Seaview Hotel. But for those looking for a less challenging or time consuming golf experience discover our Turtle putting course. It’s complimentary to all Hotel guests. Simply check in at the Golf Pro Shop and enjoy a few hours of rollin’ the rock with friends and family.

    Location: Golf staging area

  • Hall of Presidents

    Starting with President Warren Harding, one of the original members of Seaview Country Club, Seaview has hosted Presidents, Heads of State, Supreme Court Judges, Governors and other important political figures. Visit the Presidential Ballroom to view a gallery of some of the more notable notables.

    Location: Presidential Ballroom Prefunction Area

  • a meeting room set up for a discussion panel

    Atlantic Meeting Rooms

    Although named for local beach towns, these meeting rooms were once a large penthouse suite. It was here that Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones resided for a week in 1989 during their Steel Wheels Tour. Many staff members who remember the Stones visit still refer to this space as the Jagger, Richards, Wood, Wyman and Watts meeting rooms.

    Location: 2nd Floor over Main Lobby